Stop Worrying and Use Your Head

* Decide how much money you need and write it down on a blank piece of paper. Be brave and write exactly how much you need to solve the problem – even if looks unrealistic.

* Start with what you’ve got today: write down everything you own, what your interests are, who your contacts are, what skills you’ve got and what knowledge you have (eg. I am a medical secretary and know a lot of medical terminology and how hospitals work). You probably have specialist knowledge too. Keep adding things as you remember them. This list is your “tool kit”.

* Use your head: have a think session (not to worry) but to imagine every way you can put your “tool kit” to work to solve your money problems. Write a list and include all the methods you know about – e.g. you have a car and a couple of hours to spare. You can offer your car as a community door-to-door service for the elderly, or run a delivery/courier service to the business community.

* Check out the competition – who else is offering the same idea? Are they successfully earning a good income? If it’s an overstuffed market, look for something else. However, when trying to solve your money problems today, it’s a good idea to stick with ways that are successful, the tried and tested methods that are proven to work. Once your money problems are solved, you can think about putting an original idea to work.

* Do some market research – ask around if family and friends would be prepared to pay for your product or service and by how much. Maybe even test your idea by starting up as a hobby and see if it sells in the market place.

* Treat yourself. Stop worrying and be inspired by Napoleon Hill. Google “Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich” and look for the website by ‘absolute1’ There you will find a free book in the public domain, and although written many years ago, many principles stand today. By allowing yourself to focus on the solution rather than the problem, you will find out how to solve your money situations and have some fun while you are at it.